(web.RAYR.ee.uhn) n. A person who is an expert at not only finding information on the World Wide Web, but also at prioritizing, organizing, and cataloguing that information.


Welcome web designers and developers! I am not so sure that I qualify for the distinction of WEBRARIAN, as described above. However, since this is my website, I am the webrarian here! The internet, world wide web....or whatever name you place on it, has opened a whole new world to us. It is estimated that almost 2.5 BILLION people worldwide are using the internet. However, that is less that 35% of the population. Looks like there is room for growth! Given these statistics, it would make sense that the WWW will be constantly growing and changing in the future. This will create many challenges, and more importantly, opportunities, for those of us that are designing and developing websites and web applications! With the ever evolving web, it is important that we stay on top of the latest technology, trends and resources in web design/development. This is where WebMakersLibrary.com comes in! Hopefully it will link you to resources that will help you keep up with change. I worked in the software development field for years - starting with mainframe (anyone still know what that is???) development, and eventually transitioning into desktop development. Then, I had to take a career break while I raised my family. When I finally was ready to jump back in, I realized that the industry was a foreign country. I decided to reinvent myself, and indulge my creative bent at the same time...enter "Web Design and Maintenance" certificate at a local community college. Thought I would get my certificate in one semester and be ready to rock...NOT!!!! Although I easily finished all the required classes in a semester, I quickly realized that I would need to learn a great deal more on my own. As I started scouring the internet (HA!) for the bits and pieces I needed to fill in the gaps, I started compiling a rather impressive list of resources - books, websites, blogs, tips and tricks from my teachers, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter...the list goes on! I wanted some easy way to pull all this information together for my own use, and share it with others eventually. Gee, what to do... HELLO! How about a website?????


This website is intended to help other newbie web designers/developers find some great resources that they will need to keep them on top of their craft. This is not an exhaustive resource...some topics will not be addressed (yet!) because I haven't gotten that far! Resources run the gamut from reference to pure inspirations. The bulk of the material is comprised of links to other websites....GREAT STUFF OUT THERE! And given that I am new to all this, I am NOT trying to reinvent what other brilliant designers/developers have created! I just want to link you to these resources. Enjoy... WORD OF WARNING - Although I will do my best to keep on top of links, sometimes they disappear or change address or who knows what! Hope you will find this site useful and inspiring!