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All Things Digital Design

Ok, so you can create a website. Is it a great website? Could it be better? This section is a catchall for information that will enhance your design skills, and keep you up to date on current design topics. Not an exhaustive list of hot topics, just a sampling. Please checkout the bookshelf topic "Web Design Blogs/Websites" for a list of GREAT designer blogs and sites for tons of insights.

Website Description
USTO-Pixel Perfect Precision Handbook This FREE handbook is a guide to all things digital design. Great design principles conveyed in a beautiful, visual format. Download your own copy here:
Design-Heavy Websites If you look at this history of web design, it started as basic and minimalist, evolved into design-heavy, and is now going back to minimalist (but cleaner and more user experience centered). WebDesignerDepot brings this wonderful article outlining some great examples of great design-heavy up here:
The Rise and Fall of Skeuomorphic Design What is skeuomorphic design? This is the style which attempts to replicate the look of real-world objects in digital user interfaces. The bookshelf used on the home page of this site is an example of this! Looks like web and application design is moving AWAY from this design trend...check it out:
Web and Mobile Trends 2013 The folks at put out a great FREE pdf book that discusses trends for 2013. Since we are in the middle of that year, see if you agree. Watch for the 2014 version on Get the PDF here: If you prefer to read it on the website, here is that link:
History of Typography and Why Typography is IMPORTANT! A quick video version of the history of typography. Is the history of typography important to design-no. Is typography important to design-Y E S ! ! !. Watch this video, then read the article listed below: NOW, read this great article about why good typography is important (brought to you from the fab folks at WebDesign tuts+:

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