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Javascript and jQuery Resources

JavaScript is the scripting language of the Web. All modern HTML pages are using JavaScript to add functionality, validate input, communicate with web servers, and much more. Use it to change pages on the fly, add scroll to top function, and hide/show objects on a page. jQuery is simply an often-used Javascript library that contains MANY pre-written, pre-tested scripts that you can plug into your html pages-browser compatability built in. Be sure to visit the WEB BLOG section of this website for links to Web Designer sites...they all have great javascript articles, tips etc. There are other Javascript libraries to explore-look around and see which ones you like!

Website Description
W3 Schools-Javascript Tutorial Basic Javascript tutorial on the W3 Schools website. Here is the link:
W3 Schools-Javascript Reference Javascript reference on the W3 Schools:
Mozilla Developer Network-Javascript Tutorial I really like this tutorial. Gives a basic overview of what Javascript is, what it is used for, and some great examples of how to use it. Check it out here:
jQuery jQuery is a very popular, robust javascript libary. Go here to download the jQuery library, find documentation, browser support information, plugin information and a blog: Leaning Center A great place to learn how to use jQuery:
jQuery Plugins Search through the plugin library. Includes includes "watchers" and "forks" ratings for each plugin to see how many people like that plugin. Direct line to plugin library here:
W3 Schools-jQuery Tutorial jQuery tutorial from W3 school here:
W3 Schools jQuery Reference ...and here is the jQuery reference from W3 schools:
Web Designer Depot-Javascript Articles My favorite source of everything web is the link to their javascript/jquery section:
Designer Daily-10 jQuery plugins for better website navigation This is a great, recent artcle with a list of 10 great jQuery plugins. Download directly from the article-most free, some for $:

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