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Web Design Tools to Make Your Job Easier!

Here are some tools to try that can make web design/contruction a little easier. There are also some tutorial links to help you learn some of the tools.

Website Description
Dreamweaver Dreamweaver is a nice tool to help you visually layout your website/webpages. You can switch between design mode (visual layout of page) and code mode (html and css code). Many nice features, including testing modes, split screen editiing, and responsive design templates. Here is the link:
Dreamweaver Tutorials Adobe has a nice tutorial that gives you the basics: Here is another nice tutorial from Adobe that uses sql database and server side scripting (php):
Adobe CS6 Design and Web Premium Adobe has a whole suite of products that will allow you to take your digital designs to the highest level. If you plan to purchase Dreamweaver and Photoshop, spring for the extra features of this bundle. It includes Flash, Fireworks (great for prototyping), Illustrator (graphics), Indesign (create rich digital and interactive designs-think interactive E-Books), and more. Check out what you get here: BUT... be aware that Adobe has moved entirely to cloud based software. While you can still purchase CS6 products, all new releases will be cloud based, accessible for a monthly fee.
Adobe TV Adobe products are feature rich and powerful...and with all that power, comes a high degree of complexity. While some will be able to pick it up on their own, most of us could use a little guidance. Find some great video based learning on Adobe products here:
Kompozer Kompozer is a FREE html, css, javacript editor. It has FTP site management and WYSIWYG web page editing. Many nice features...not quite Dreamweaver, but very cool! Check it out:
Photoshop THE most powerful photo/image editor you can find. If you can't do it here, you can't do it. Customize images/photos/icons for you web pages. Create sizable vector graphics for web and print. Find it all here:
Photoshop Tutorials Photoshop is powerful, but very complex. You will need to spend a bit a time learning this tool-but make the investment! Here is a starting point: Here is another great source of Photoshop tutorials that has a web designer bent to it:
Paint Paint (Microsoft) is a decent tool for editing images and phots. It allows all the basics: crop, enhance, add text etc. It is already on your computer if you run windows, so check it out:
Dribble What are you working on? Dribbble is a community of designers sharing screenshots of their work, process, and projects. Nice place to see what others are doing, and connect with them if you like. Great place to be seen, and find jobs. Great tool for inspiration:
Adobe Kuler This resource is a great way to create and explore different color themes. You can see LOTS of themes that others have created, along with the hex codes you will need to incorporate them into your web design (or print design!). Allows you to apply color rules (complimentary, triad, etc) to your creations too. There is also a really cool iPhone app you can download that allows you to gather color references using your iPhone camera and save them for use on web app. Here is the link to the page:
Google Fonts Easy to read, eye catching - typography is an important part of web and print design. Google offer a variety (beyond the standar) of fonts for free. Download them here, or link to Google's library from you web page:
Google Drawing Easy to use, great little tool for creating flowcharts for your website, or any chart. All you need to have is a gmail account and you can add it to your google drive. Yep, then you can share it with others! Find this free little gem here:
WordPress WordPress is free software that lets you create websites and blogs. It can also be used as a content management system, and so much more. It has Feature rich, too many to name to read about it, and download software here: Who is lynda? Doesn't matter....she created a wonderful website that is loaded with over 2000 videos for learning software, business and creative skills. Videos are for all learning levels, and are conducted by leading experts. Small monthly fee gives you unlimited access:

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